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Event Coordination

Our team will work closely with you to organize your event. We will  book the appropriate space, resources, equipment, provide cost estimates, and meet with you to discuss course requirements and logistics.


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AV Setup

Our Simulation Technical Consultant can assist you with all of your A/V needs, including multimedia presentations, remote learning, multi-room broadcasting, multi-display setups, and display of output from most medical devices. There is also the ability to record video and presentations for later use or remove viewing. 

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With a wide selection of choice, we will collaborate with our in-house catering team to arrange for the preparation, delivery and presentation of any of your catering needs.


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Room Setup and Teardown

Our team will collaborate with you to determine your event requirements and will then take care of any room set up and tear down.


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Wet Lab Services

Our facility is equipped to handle multi station wet labs. Our team will assist with ordering and preparing supplies, and coordinate with the proper channels once your course has been approved.


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Cleaning & Disinfection of Instruments

For courses hosted at CSTAR, we provide instrument cleaning and disinfection on site.



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Remote Viewing of Live Surgery

Our theatre is equipped with a direct audiovisual connection to the hospital's leading hybrid cardiac operating room.


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Simulation Operation

We will operate our Manikins to ensure they are programmed and ready to meet your learning objectives.



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In Situ Simulation

CSTAR can bring simulation practice to you! Our team will coordinate training in your preferred clinical area to help improve team-building, communication, reliability, processes, patient safety and emergency preparedness. Click here for more information.


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Course Evaluation

We will assist with the design and implementation of course evaluations both in electronic and paper formats. Results will be collated and reviewed to ensure your course continually delivers high quality education.


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