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CSTAR is equipped with a variety of different full-body Manikins, including SimMan 3G, SimMom, SimJunior, SimBaby, and Resusci Anne.

SimMan 3G is a durable patient simulator created for high-quality simulation training in a multitude of different medical procedures and patient cases. SimMan 3G has carotid, radial, femoral, brachial, popliteal and pedal pulses synchronized with ECG. His eyes are reactive to light, open and close. SimMan 3G also has simulated spontaneous breathing, heart, lung and abdominal sounds. 
SimMan 3G
SimMom is an advanced, full-body birthing simulator that covers all stages of labour from antepartum to postpartum.

SimJunior represents a 6-year-old boy that simulates a wide range of conditions from a healthy, talking child to an unresponsive, critical patient with no vital signs. 

SimBaby is an advanced infant patient simulator ideal for training in all aspects of infant care. With realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby is suitable for all types of training - from routine care to critical emergencies.
Resusci Anne QCPR Manikin and the compatible feedback devices are each designed to be easy to use and require minimal set up time, helping any user focus on quality CPR training. The learner will experience appropriate chest resistance, see chest rise during ventilation and need to perform head tilt, chin lift to ensure an open airway.
Resusci Anne

Task Trainers

CSTAR has a variety of different task trainers designed to help learners practice a specific skill. They are typically used for skills that require repetitive practice, like IV placement, or for teaching skills that cause patient discomfort such as intubation.

Airway Task Trainers

We have several different airway task trainers ranging from infant to adult models. Some of our models are used for intubating, tracheotomies, or both.

Central & Femoral Line Models

CSTAR has two central line models and one femoral line model. Both of these models can be used with an ultrasound machine. 

IV Arm Models

We have a combination of male and female IV arms and one arm for Arterial Puncture. 

Lumbar Puncture Models

We have three lumbar puncture models, one of which is ultrasound able.

Suture Trainers

We have two suture/knot tying boards for practice.

Trauma Man

CSTAR has one trauma man used for practicing the following procedures: chest tube insertion, pericardiocentesis, bilateral needle decompression, cricothyriodatomoy and percutaneous tracheostomy.

Laparoscopic Trainers

We have ten laparoscopic trainers available for use. These trainers allow surgical residents and practicing surgeons to develop psychomotor skills and dexterity required during the performance of basic laparoscopic surgery.

Miscellaneous Models

We have two colonoscope models and one arthrocentesis knee simulator.