Evaluation and Assessment

When considering your evaluation, you need to be clear on who will be using the results and what they need them for.  

Consider Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation:

4. Results: Improved teamwork, reduced frequency of errors or accidents, etc.

3. Behaviour: Extent to which a change in behaviour has occurred as a result

2. Learning: Knowledge increased, skill improved, or attitudes changed

1. Reaction: Was it relevant? Learner satisfaction. 

Your evaluation should be linked to your learning objectives. In most cases we evaluate level one through a survey and level two through a survey; a pre-test / post-test; or checklist. If you are looking to evaluate behavior or results you will need to collect baseline data to compare to.  CSTAR staff can work with you to design your evaluation tools to meet your specific needs.


Please email cstarinfo@lhsc.on.ca for the Evaluation Template.