An Introduction to Long Term Ventilation

The Long Term Ventilation Project was inspired by the expressed needs and desires of patients and families who have accessed this type of care within the South West Local Health Integration Network, and throughout Ontario.  Patients and their families want to access the right service for their needs in a timely manner, and receive as much care as possible at home or in a supportive community environment.

Breathing supports can include needing extra oxygen, using a positive pressure breathing machine at night, or needing mechanical ventilation some or all of the time.

There are a number of reasons a person may need long term ventilation.  Please follow the link for some examples.

The following resources are available to help you and your family learn about the options available, get help making decisions, and learn about the care involved in long term ventilation.

We find people who need long term ventilation generally access care from one of the following settings or situations:

1) Community Assessment & SupportChronic Ventilation Clinic or Outpatient setting

2) Extended Intensive Care and Rehabilitation after an acute episode of critical illness

3) Paediatric Long Term Ventilation when approaching the age of majority