Non-Invasive Ventilation Equipment Care & Maintenance


1)  Ventilator Equipment Pool Video: Setup & Care of a VPAP Non-invasive home ventilator (Part 1 & Part 2)

2)  Care & Maintenance of your Res Med VPAP Machine

3)  Non-Invasive Ventilation e-learning module

Ventilator Equipment Pool Videos:  Setup and Care of VPAP Ventilator

VPAP Video Part 1:  Setup and Basic Care                   


VPAP Video Part 2: Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Care and Maintenance

The entire Home Bi-PAP Non-Invasive Ventilation Manual can be viewed and downloaded here.

If you don’t clean your Non-Invasion Ventilation system it can lead to many problems.  When you first start using your NIPPV device the cleaning can seem a little overwhelming. Your investment of time is well spent in improving your health. 

Without cleaning properly you are increasing your risk of infection. 

Masks that are not cleaned can lead to sores on your face and may not seal properly. Without regular cleaning the mask not last as long because the oils from your skin can cause the plastic to break down more quickly.

Tubing that is not cleaned can gather dust and sometimes even mold.

Filters are made for trapping dust but must be cleaned or replaced to prevent the dust from getting into your tubing.

Headgear sits against your hair and skin; like any clothing it will last longer if it is washed regularly.

The humidification chamber provides the perfect warm moist place for mold and bacteria to grow.

Important! Do NOT use bleach, chlorine, alcohol or antibacterial products.  Check the manufacturer’s specifications as the instructions and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting may vary.


A. Daily – Mask, Humidifier Chamber

• Wash your hands thoroughly.

• Remove headgear from your mask and disconnect mask from tubing.

• With mild soap and warm water gently wipe the mask and all parts in contact with your face.

• Be sure to rinse all parts with warm, clean water and allow to air dry.

• Reassemble when dry and reattach headgear and hose.

• Top up distilled water in humidifier each night.


B. Weekly – Filters, Humidifier Chamber

• Wash your hands thoroughly.

• Check all filters to see if they need to be changed.

• Humidifier chamber should be emptied weekly and rinsed with soap and water.

   Be sure to thoroughly rinse with warm water, allow to air dry.


C. Monthly – Tubing, Headgear, Humidifier Chamber

• Wash your hands thoroughly

• Wash tubing and headgear in warm soapy water, do not put into washing machine.

   Do not use heat to dry the headgear, it will shrink the cloth and ruin the Velcro®.

• Disinfect tubing in one part white vinegar and 3-4 parts water. Allow all parts to sit in the solution for approximately 30-45 minutes.

• Thoroughly rinse all parts with warm water and allow to air dry.

• Humidifier chamber should be emptied and disinfected in a solution of white vinegar and water.

   After disinfection, be sure to thoroughly rinse with warm water, allow to air dry.