About the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic

Who we are

We are a patient-centered interdisciplinary team of professionals who provide management and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis for patients and their significant others living with the disease.

What we do

In collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the scientific community, the pharmaceutical industry and community agencies, we conduct clinical and laboratory research and provide education to patients, families, the health care community and the general public.

We are here to assist you with ongoing patient services. This may involve:

  • diagnosis
  • medical follow up
  • treatment/symptom management
  • referral to allied health services
  • assessment of physicians of other specialties
  • counseling and education

History of the MS Clinic

The London MS Clinic opened in 1972 as the first of a network of Canada-wide clinics. From this beginning, the clinic has grown to serve a population of 6,300 patients. The clinic is recognized internationally for its research activities.