The MS Clinic Team

What are the Roles of the MS Clinic Team Members?

Neurologist, Clinical Fellow and/or the Advanced Practice Nurse:

  • Obtains your health history
  • Performs a neurological examination
  • Provides a treatment plan
  • Addresses your questions and/or discusses your concerns

The Clinic Coordinator:

  • Assists the MS clinic team with administration and management of the London MS Clinic

Social Worker

  • Provides support and counseling to you and your family on being diagnosed with MS and living with a chronic disease
  • Directs patients and families to appropriate resources
  • Addresses issues of finance, career and employment

The Physiotherapist:

  • Assesses movement, strength, stiffness, pain, fatigue, balance, and walking
  • May prescribe exercises and stretching techniques
  • Makes use of modalities such as heat or ultrasound
  • May recommend bracing or walking aids

The Occupational Therapist:

  • Is available to address your activities of daily living such as managing fatigue and performing daily tasks
  • Provides education on assistive devices (i.e., bathseats, grab bars, and wheelchairs)
  • Provides information and resources on home accessibility
  • Assists with career/employment issues and computer operation/access