Referring a Patient

Referral Process To The London Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Referrals for consultation or for reassessment should be faxed to 519-663-3116 for Dr. Sarah Morrow, and to 519-663-3107 for Dr. Courtney Casserly. Please provide a fax cover sheet with your contact information, as well as your OHIP billing number.

In order to prioritize and assign a level of priority to your referral, the following information must be provided:

1. Patient demographics, including the name of the patient's family doctor
2. Reason for referral
3. Current medical history and physical findings
4. Specialist consult notes
5. A list of all medications
6. All relevant lab investigations (ie: MRI reports, CSF analysis, blood work)
7. Please ensure the patient brings their MRI CDs with them to the appointment (only if the MRI has been done at a facility other than London Health Sciences Centre or St. Joseph's Health Care London).

The referring office will be notified by fax of the date and time of the patient's appointment.

**Please notify the patient of this appointment and have the patient call the MS Clinic office (519-663-3697) to confirm this appointment. IF THE PATIENT FAILS TO CONFIRM THE APPOINTMENT AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE APPOINTMENT, THE APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELLED.**

Due to human resource constraints, all patient referrals to the London Multiple Sclerosis Clinic will be reviewed and assigned a level of priority for appointment. Referral to the MS Clinic will not guarantee that an appointment will be given.