Program Description:

Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) unit within Medicine Services cares for patients over 75 years of age with presence of geriatric syndrome and acute illness.

The General Medicine unit cares for patients with acute medical illness not requiring bedside cardiac monitoring. Total patient care is provided to both of these patient populations, with a focus on patient/family centred care.

General Information:

  • Number of beds: ACE- 14, Medicine- 14
  • Team Composition: Coordinator, Clinical Educator, APN, RNs, unit clerks, Allied health professionals (OT, PT, SW, RD, SLP, pharmacist, CCAC), PSA’s and TSA, Medical clinical teaching units with geriatrician support (ACE) and Internal Medicine
    support (Medicine)
  • Average length of stay: ACE: 10 days, Medicine: 4.5 days
  • Nurse to patient ratio: is dependent on patient acuity but averages 1:3-1:5
  • Hospital Site: Victoria: Level 6

Scheduling Information:

  • 12 hour shifts (0700-1900 and 1900-0700)
  • Rotation is the “mirror” schedule with stats built into the schedule resulting in one week off every 6 weeks

Background Essentials:

  • General Medicine and/or gerontology experience strongly preferred
  • Venipuncture and IV initiation preferred

Professional Assets:

  • CNA Certification in Gerontology or GI preferred
  • A passion for provision of care for the elderly
  • Desire to pursue education in geriatrics

Professional Development:

  • 1 week of classroom orientation upon hire in conjunction with a variable clinical orientation based on experience and need.
  • Regular updates and in-services
  • Support to attend conferences, courses when possible
  • Ongoing support for continuing education i.e. post-RN BScN, CNA certification

Student Consolidation:

  • Students receive a broad generalized education in many different medical diagnoses and treatment regimens, familiarization with lab test analysis, prioritizing workload, working with the elderly, working within an IDT
    • Formalized preceptor program is in place

Program Links:

  • The Medicine CBU website is accessible internally with links to Medicine at VH and
    many other websites