Educational Resources and Links

LHSC is the Lead Trauma Hospital for the Southwestern Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), servicing and assisting hospitals within the SW region. As the leading trauma hospital, the Trauma Program at LHSC holds education and learning as a priority. It is of the upmost importance to provide up-to-date education and consistent practice to our surrounding hospitals and healthcare professionals to ensure, as a collective unit, our community is getting the care it deserves.


When You No Longer Need The Collar 
Reintroducing Stimulating Activities
Chest Tubes in Trauma
Pain Control Post Trauma
Patient & Family Education Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Coping with a Traumatic Event 
Chest Injury (Rib Fractures, Sternal Fracture and Chest wall injury) 
What You Should Know After a Motor Vehicle Collision 


Jewett Brace
TLSO Brace
Cervical Collar
Using Crutches after Hip, Knee or Ankle Surgery
Car Transfer After Hip and Knee Surgery

Useful Links

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
American College of Surgeons - Trauma Programs
American Trauma Society
Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma
Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario
Health Canada
Trauma Association of Canada