Regional Injury Prevention Program

The London Health Science Centre (LHSC) Trauma Program is committed to injury prevention through the development, delivery and improvement of injury prevention programs. This includes advocating for safety legislation, research and evaluation of injury prevention initiatives.

Injury Prevention Programs:

Community Involvement

The Injury Prevention team engages with many community partners, working with local stakeholders to reduce traumatic injuries in our communities. 

  • London Middlesex Road Safety Committee – LRSS
  • Trauma Association of Canada – National IP Working Group
  • South West Regional Trauma Network
  • Ontario Childhood Injury Prevention Committee
  • Helmets on Kids Partnership
  • Racing Against Drugs Planning Committee

Partnerships are critical to reduce preventable injuries and death in our community.  


We would like to thank Children’s Health Foundation and all of their generous donors who make many of the LSCH Injury Prevention programs possible. Thank you for the continued support and collaboration in keeping children in our communities safe!  

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