Stop the Bleed

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Be a part of our trauma team – stop the bleed and save a life!

The Trauma program at LHSC is offering a free Stop The Bleed training program to businesses, organizations, and the general public in hopes of providing life-saving education.

The Stop the Bleed program was introduced in the United States in 2015, and is aligned with the American College of Surgeons who developed the “Bleeding Control Basics” course which is now taught throughout the US and Canada. The program, which runs 90 minutes in length, can be tailored to specific workplaces and scenarios and will be offered free of charge.

“We know that when bystanders are knowledgeable in techniques to help stop someone’s bleeding, the potential outcomes for the patient are greatly improved,” Alison Armstrong, Trauma Program Coordinator at LHSC.

Knowledge of bleeding control has applications beyond the hospital walls and we in the trauma program see great benefit in integrating this training with workplace safety training, in anticipation of isolated incidents. We believe that by providing this education to as many individuals as possible, the potential of survival in the event of traumatic injury will substantially increase.

Bleeding control skills are necessary because life-threatening bleeds can lead to death within 5 minutes, if not properly managed. Front-line EMS personnel may take longer than that to arrive to the scene of an incident, so by-stander education is imperative.

To book a free session or learn more:

Phone: 519-685-8500 extension 56041 

We are focusing on bringing this training to interested organizations and groups. If you would like to schedule a session for your group please reach out. We require a minimum of 15 attendees to run a training at your site or business.