Helmet Giveaway Program

Goals of the Program:

There are many reasons why a helmet should be replaced including but not limitted to: if it is expired, had a hard fall, if it doesn't fit, or if it has been involved in a crash.

Child with helmet and nurse

Helmets and education are offered to every pediatric patient who visits Children's Emergency department as the result of a non motorized wheeled sports injury. Helmets will also be distributed to any child who needs one, as supplies last. This program is supported by CHIRPP, Children's Health Foundation, and Helmets on Kids.

The goal of Helmets on Kids is to put a helmet on the head of every child who needs one and provide education and awareness about bike helmet use for people of all ages.  Each June there is a kick-off event as the weather improves and more people are out riding their bikes.  This event is hosted by the partnership at one of London’s elementary schools.  We present on brain safety and have brain models to show the students.

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Partners: School Boards, Health Unit, Brain Injury Association, Middlesex London EMS, London Police, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

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