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Impact educates teens about the social, economic, and health outcomes of high risk behaviours. Presentations include firsthand accounts and outcomes of risk taking. The Impact is highly adaptable to fit the unique needs of each class and community and can be presented in multiple formats.

The goal of Impact is to equip students with the tools to make informed decisions. There are many issues that youth in our community are faced with; therefore, impactprogram.ca was created to provide a credible place for youth to visit to find out more information on a variety of topics including; distracted driving, impaired driving, drugs, alcohol, and risk taking in general. Presentations and the website content are continually adapted to meet the changing needs of London youth.

In-Class presentations are delivered at all Public and Catholic high schools in London, approximately 70 presentations a year.  During our in-class presentations we hand out USB wristbands that include a link to the Impact website. If you would like to be involved please contact us.

In-Hospital Students experience the journey of a trauma patient. Students will follow a patients’ journey from EMS to the Emergency Department, critical care, and then experience life after an injury with presentations at Parkwood hospital. Presentations start at Victoria Hospital and end at Parkwood Hospital.Contact us if you would like to be involved.

Entire School/Community In partnership with local community partners, Impact has successfully partnered with community members and schools to bring full scale events to communities outside of London. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing impact to your community


The impact program relies on partnerships. In London Partners include: LHSC Hospital staff and physicians, Parkwood Hospital, community members with lived experience, London Police Service, Middlesex London EMS, Thames Valley District School Board, London Catholic School Board, and Children's Health Foundation

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