For Immediate Release

April 4, 2013


           Chemotherapy Compounding Issue Update


Today, the Ministry of Health indicated that it would assemble an independent expert panel to review quality assurance and will be reaching out to hospital leaders, Cancer Care Ontario, the College of Pharmacists, and Health Canada to bring together the right group to take a close look at how we can safeguard patient care to prevent incidents like this. 


London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is fully supportive of this approach and will actively support these efforts.  It brings all of the right parties together to ensure a comprehensive assessment and development of appropriate preventative measures. 


So as not to preempt the panel's work, LHSC will not be commenting publicly on matters relating the panel's assessment, instead continuing to direct our energy to supporting the patients impacted.


To that end, LHSC has attempted to make calls to all patients impacted, who should also today begin receiving letters sent by courier earlier this week, and we will continue to ensure they are provided with the information they need going forward.