For Immediate Release

October 31 , 2013


Statement regarding Tyler Brooks-Szabo


We are providing this statement at the request of the family of Tyler Brooks-Szabo.


“On behalf of Tyler’s parents and family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support and concern for our little man. Your kindness and caring have helped our family remain strong.


In particular, we would like to thank the London Police Service, London Health Sciences Centre, the staff and students at Ealing Public School and W. Sherwood Fox Public School and the London community as a whole who have held rallies and donated to a trust fund to support Tyler and our family.


The cards, get well wishes and gifts from Tyler’s classmates and friends have meant so much.


At this time, our focus is on Tyler, therefore, we will not be providing further statements or updates.”


Lauralee Henry

(Tyler’s aunt)