Discover the Champions of Sustainable Healthcare in Canada

Published: 2023-06-26     Author: Mike Apostol

Are you eager to dive into the world of sustainability in healthcare? Look no further! We're showcasing some fantastic resources and newsletters you can subscribe to, keeping you informed and inspired by the latest happenings in this vital sector.

The logo for the Canadian Coalition for Green Health CareThe Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare

For over two decades, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has connected healthcare professionals, NGOs, government organizations, students, and businesses to exchange best practices in environmentally responsible healthcare.

Sign up for their monthly newsletter, The Green Digest, and immerse yourself in the latest events and initiatives in green healthcare and Coalition updates. This is the single best source for information about current and upcoming events and initiatives for green health care in Canada.

The logo for CASCADES CanadaCASCADES Canada

Not to be confused with the packaging company, CASCADES Canada is dedicated to helping the country's healthcare community transition to a sustainable, net-zero carbon emission and resilient health system.

CASCADES is led by the University of Toronto Centre for Sustainable Health Systems in partnership with the Healthy Populations Institute at Dalhousie University, the Planetary Healthcare Lab at the University of British Columbia, and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care.

They offer tools, reports, and trustworthy information that supports creating change within the healthcare community across various areas like inhalers, pharmacy, food, waste, perioperative care, and many more.

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The logo for PEACH Health OntarioPEACH Health Ontario

The Partnerships for Environmental Action by Clinicians and Communities for Healthcare Facilities (PEACH) in Ontario is committed to motivating, supporting, and empowering healthcare professionals to take climate action.

They address various aspects of healthcare, from the building envelope to the products purchased and the people who work and are treated there. They stress the importance of outstanding leadership and a culture of sustainability from grassroots volunteers to the boardroom. Get involved in their exciting work today!

The logo for Health Care Without HarmHealth Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth

As global leaders in hospital sustainability, Health Care Without Harm and their affiliate network, Practice Greenhealth, strive to reduce the environmental footprint of healthcare, turning it into a sustainability anchor for communities and a driving force for environmental health and justice.

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The logo for UHNTalkin' Trash with UHN

For an engaging, witty take on greening the hospital environment, Talkin' Trash with UHN is your go-to source. Run by the Energy & Environment Department at University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, this initiative is brimming with insightful articles on various sustainability initiatives and events, from gardening to chiller upgrades.

Explore their site and discover how UHN is leading the charge for a greener future in the Canadian healthcare sector.

The LHSC Green Team logoLHSC Green Team News

Of course, we must shine the spotlight on our very own LHSC Green Team News! As a freshly launched platform, we aspire to bring you fascinating articles spanning various topics.

Don't forget to bookmark our site to stay in the loop on sustainability news from trailblazing teams like the LHSC Green Team, Operating Room Planetary Health Intervention Team (OR-PHIT), Children's Environmental Health Clinic Ontario (ChEHC ON), and our expert energy management and environmental waste specialists!

We're thrilled to inform you about the incredible work LHSC is doing to champion sustainability in healthcare. Join us on this exciting journey toward a greener future!

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