High call volumes for rescheduled second-dose vaccine bookings

May 14, 2021

Today, per Government of Ontario direction, eligible high-risk health-care workers can reschedule their second COVID-19 vaccination dose earlier than the current 112-day interval.

Currently, for the Southwestern region (Middlesex London Health Unit and Southwestern Public Health) the only option for this eligible population to re-schedule is by calling the telephone booking system; it cannot be done through the online booking system. This is due to technical limitations within the booking platform as re-booking requires a registration clerk to manually override the existing appointment and make that appointment available for another first-dose booking. 

This unfortunately resulted in extraordinarily high call volumes that continue to climb well above 100,000 calls. We apologize for the frustration this is causing and in partnership with MLHU we are investigating with our technology partner to determine if the online booking system can be used to reschedule second doses in the near future. More information will be shared if and when this becomes possible. 

For health-care workers currently trying to reschedule their second dose, please ensure you meet the high-risk eligibility criteria available on the Middlesex London Health Unit website: https://www.healthunit.com/covid-19-vaccine-eligibility#eligiblility 

Neil Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
London Health Sciences Centre