London's New Green Bin Program: A Healthier City for All

Photograph of two blue recycling containers, the new London Green Bin, a trash bin, and rain water barrel at the side of a house.
The new green bin for London residents is added to the recycling and garbage bins.

Published: 2024-03-19    Author: Mike Apostol

A Fresh Approach to Waste

London is taking a significant step forward in waste management with its Green Bin Program. As the city faces increasing landfill pressures and stricter environmental regulations, the need for sustainable waste solutions is more critical than ever. The Green Bin initiative was introduced in January 2024 and reflects the city's commitment to a healthier environment.

Understanding the Green Bin Program

Every household in London has received a 45-litre green bin that is collected weekly alongside the regular blue recycling bins. This green bin is specifically for organic waste like food scraps and soiled paper products. It comes with a smaller 10-litre container to make it easier to transport waste from the kitchen to the curbside bin.

By participating in this program, London residents can help divert up to 20,000 tonnes of waste each year from the landfill, reducing about 17,600 tonnes of CO2e annually, or the equivalent reduction of 72 million kilometres driven per year. This effort is a big step in lowering the city's carbon footprint.

Benefits for Environment and Economy

The organic waste collected will be processed locally at Convertus, where it is converted into compost and other soil products used by farms in Southwestern Ontario. This process increases London's landfill waste diversion rate by 50 per cent and supports the local economy by creating jobs and a sustainable source of fertilizer.

Londoners can lead the way by choosing to use the green bin at home and help in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When organic waste is composted instead of going to landfill, it produces less methane, a potent greenhouse gas. This process contributes to healthier soil and a more sustainable community.

Closing Thoughts

The Green Bin Program is essential to London's strategy to tackle climate change and manage waste sustainably. By reducing greenhouse gases, saving landfill space, and recycling organic waste into valuable products, the program is a practical step towards a greener future.

Together, we can ensure the success of the Green Bin Program and move towards a cleaner, more sustainable London.

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