Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020

Working Together to Shape the Future of Health

We are pleased to present you with LHSC’s new 2018-2020 Strategic Plan: Working Together to Shape the Future of Health.

Guided by our new Vision, Mission and Values and five strategic directions, this new plan builds upon our previous work of providing safe and quality care for our patients and families. It was developed in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders including our physicians, staff, patients, families, leaders, students and researchers, as well as a variety of external stakeholders including universities, colleges, regional hospitals, health and social services agencies, government and political officials, and the South West Local Health Integration Network.

With patients at the centre of everything we do, LHSC’s strategic planning process benefited greatly from valuable input from our patient and family advisors, whose roles on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee ensured the patient and family voice is central to our strategy.

The collaborative approach we took in building our new Strategic Plan is symbolic of our path forward. By putting patients at the centre of our collective southwestern Ontario health ecosystem, we can better identify and form partnerships to deliver care needs. Our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan will help to position LHSC within the overall system of hospitals, community health providers, social service agencies, and public health organizations to better examine how we each collectively operate within this network and identify new ways to provide more seamless care for patients at every point on their health-care journey.

We would like to thank all those whose contributions and participation has helped to shape the creation of our Strategic Plan. We look forward to celebrating each milestone as we work to accomplish our goals over the next two years with the mission of delivering excellent care experiences and outcomes, educating the health-care providers of tomorrow, and advancing new discoveries and innovations that optimize the health and well-being of those we serve.

Ramona Robinson

Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Paul Woods

President and CEO

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