For Health Professionals

The EMG Lab is located at University Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, Canada. We are associated with the Neurology division of the department of Clinical Neurological Sciences.

Our physicians are qualified electromyographers and supervise the EMG lab on a rotating basis throughout the week. In addition, these physicians are experts in specific areas of the neuromuscular system: 

Dr. Michael Nicolle

  • neuromuscular transmission, myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome

Dr. Shannon Venance

  •  hereditary and acquired muscle diseases

Dr. Tim Doherty

  • rehabilitation of neuromuscular disorders, peripheral nerve injury

Dr. Christen Shoesmith

  • motor neuron disease

Dr. Kurt Kimpinski

  • hereditary and acquired diseases of peripheral nerve

Our lab provides electromyographic diagnostic testing services for a wide range of neurological and neuromuscular problems. We also provide full and limited neurological consultations.