How to Refer Your Patient for an EMG Test

To book an appointment for your patient, please mail or fax a completed requisition to 519-663-3592.

If you have any questions, you can call us at 519-663-3665.

Note: In order to serve you better, requisitions should contain the following information:

  • All patient demographics.
  • The referring physician's name and address, printed or typed.
  • The phone and fax number of your office or clinic.
  • A specific (if possible) diagnostic question for us to answer.
  • Please specify on the requisition whether a full or limited consultation is also needed. This must be scheduled when the referral is made.
  • WSIB claim number if applicable.

It is very helpful if the following information is included with the requisition:

  • A detailed description of the patient's relevant symptoms and clinical findings, including other significant health problems, such as diabetes, blood and contact precautions, current medications (particularly anticoagulants) etc.
  • Previous EMG results, if studies were done in another laboratory.
  • Any other relevant information or test results; MRI or X-ray reports, blood work, neurological or other consult reports, etc.

You can view or print our EMG requisition (PDF)

Guidelines for Referrals to the EMG Lab:

Depending on the complexity of the patient's problem, three possible types of assessments are available; for detailed information about each type of assessment, see types of EMG Referrals.

  • EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) only
  • EMG and NCS with limited consultation
  • EMG/NCS and full consultation

If the situation is urgent, please telephone the EMG Laboratory at (519)-663-3665 and speak to the EMG physician to see whether more urgent testing is indicated.