Acid reflux medications

  • These drugs can be used to limit the acidity of stomach contents or prevent them from refluxing up the esophagus.


  • Insulin in normally produced by the pancreas. It is essential to allow the body to use sugars for energy. Insulin is used to reduce blood sugar to a normal range if it is too high.

    Critically ill patients may need insulin even though they are not diabetic.  The stress of critical illness, fever, and some medications can cause a rise in blood sugar.  The body works better when the blood sugar is kept in a normal range.


  • Short for total parenteral nutrition. The nutrients the body needs are delivered directly into a central blood vessel in a form the body can use. TPN is used if nutritional needs are not being met by other methods.

IV fluids and electrolytes

  • The balance of fluid, mineral salts (electrolytes), and blood acidity can be maintained or corrected with intravenous fluids and electrolytes.