Health Care Initiatives


Safer Health Care Now!

Safer Healthcare Now is a national campaign supported by many Canadian hospitals that is designed to improve patient care. Our team participates in the central line insertion bundle of the safer healthcare now initiative.


ICU Collaborative

The Canadian Critical Care Collaborative is a group of Canada-wide critical care units which work toward the goal of patient safety. There are 30 adult units across Canada that are members of this exciting initiative. Our ICU has successfully implemented a "sepsis care bundle" and a "reduction of ventilator acquired pneumonia" bundle, both which improve patient safety.


Critical Care Research Network

Our unit participates in the Critical Care Research Network.  The CCRNet ’s mission is to improve patient care and resource utilization through the rigorous evaluation of health delivery systems.


Ministry of Health

The critical care program at LHSC has actively participated in the Ontario Ministry of Health's "Critical Care Strategy". Our units have participated in:

  • Critical Care Nurse Training Strategy
  • Critical Care Information System
  • Critical Care Response Teams (CCOT)
  • Critical care Coaching team


RNAO Best Practice Guidelines

Several nursing staff in critical care have recieved RNAO fellowships.

The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario publishes Best Practice Guidelines which are consulted when developing policies and procedures.