Waiting Room and Family Rooms

Waiting Room

I C U reception desk in waiting room

The waiting room of the Medical-Surgical ICU (MSICU) is supported by volunteers who work 12 pm – 7 pm Monday to Friday, and afternoons on weekends and holidays.  If you wish to visit a patient, please tell the volunteer on duty who will inform staff of your arrival, and coordinate your visit as soon as we are able.

If there is no volunteer on duty, please use the telephone on the wall by the door to notify the MSICU you are here.  The is a card by the phone to help you identify which extension to call according to the bed number of the patient (e.g., Bed numbers 1-40).  If you are unsure which bed your loved one is in, please call Ext#33361.

MSICU Visiting hours are flexible, attempting to balance the care needs of the patients with the schedules of their loved ones.  The MSICU is busy in the mornings with rounds, patient care, radiology procedures, etc – there will be delays when trying to visit.  

Shift change for the bedside RN occurs between 630-730 each morning and evening.  We request you do not visit or call during those times.  If you are only able to visit during the times of shift changes, please discuss this with the bedside RN and we will problem solve your unique situation.  

Family Rooms

We have four private family rooms made possible through donations.  These rooms are reserved for families of patients who are critically ill and unstable, are imminently dying, or have other situations requiring the environment of the family room.  Any access to or request for the family rooms is assessed by our ICU Charge Nurses and/or the ICU Social Worker.  

These rooms are in high demand due the constant admissions to our MSICU.  You may be asked to vacate a family room, for a family in a more precarious situation needing privacy.  

These rooms have been decorated through donations by other families who have used these rooms in times of crisis.  We insist that families who use these rooms keep them clean of garbage and clutter, and upon leaving the room – ensure the room is left so another family could immediately use it.

If you are assigned a family room, the bed number of your loved one will be placed on the door.  When you are asked to leave the room for another family, the room number on the door will be changed.