Patient Updates and Password System

The best source of information is often the bedside nurse caring for the patient. All members of the team who are caring for the patient are updated daily during "rounds" and can help you as loved ones  stay informed. If you wish to meet with a member of the ICU Physician team (e.g., Consultants, ICU Fellow, or residents), please talk with the bedside RN or the ICU  Social Worker.  Each of these roles can help  arrange a time when the doctor can speak with you.

Detailed information about a patient’s health will only be released to the Power of Attorney (POA-PC) for Personal Care or Substitute Decision Maker (SDM), and those who have the password (see below for information about the password).

It is helpful for our team to have one person who is the family spokesperson to contact when setting up family meetings and/or updating on patient status.  This spokesperson can coordinate information sharing amongst the rest of the family/loved ones.   This will help keep everyone ‘on the same page’ and allow staff to focus on caring for the patient.

What Are Rounds?

The MSICU has morning and afternoon rounds with the interdisciplinary team.  These rounds allow the team to discuss, develop, and evaluate a plan of care for each patient. 

The morning round starts at 8:30 a.m. in our team room.  Morning rounds can last between 1-3 hours  Afternoon rounds begin around 3:30 pm and are held at the bedside.  Due to the care needs and close proximity of patients to each other, and our obligation to protect the privacy of our patients, you may be asked to temporarily leave the MSICU during afternoon rounds.  Please assured we will do our best to get you back to the bedside as soon as possible.

What is the password system?

In order to protect patients’ personal health information, we have a “password” system to be used by all loved ones/family members when requesting patient information or a medical update.  This password is used for any information sharing by phone or when asking for information at the bedside while visiting.

Often patients in our MSICU are not able to tell the MSICU team who can have access to their personal health information.  The MSICU then relies on the POA-PC or SDM to identify a password that must be stated by anyone when asking for patient information. It is the responsibility of the POA-PC or SDM to share the password with the people that patient would want to share his/her health information with.

This password is not meant to be used as a deterrent to visiting patients. It is not required to visit a patient; however it will be required at the bed side if information is requested.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for helping us protect the patient’s right to privacy, and determining who can access his/her personal health information.