What Could A Substitute Decision Maker Be Asked?


Treatment preferences

The substitute decision maker (SDM) is expected to make treatment decisions according to the expressed wishes of the patient. If the person did not have any specific wishes, the SDM must make decisions with the best interests of the patient in mind.


Level of resuscitation

The care team will ask the SDM what level of resuscitation the patient would want if the heart or lungs were to stop working. The Medical-Surgical ICU will provide the patient’s SDM and family with clinical information, medical experts, and emotional support as these decisions are reviewed. The level of resuscitation is an essential part of a person’s treatment preferences.


Organ donation

All patients in the Medical-Surgical ICU are screened for organ donation. If your loved one is suitable for organ donation, you may be approached by the care team to discuss consent for this process. You are not obliged to consent to organ or tissue donation.

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