Why is my family member being discharged?

As a patient recovers from or stabilizes after a critical illness, it is normal for the ICU team to look at transferring the patient out of intensive care. Whether the transfer is to another floor at University Hospital, or to another health care facility, this is the next step in the patient’s recovery. The team works with the patient and family in the transfer planning to ensure the Power of Attorney and family members are aware of the future plan of care after leaving the ICU.

One of the key steps in the transfer planning is to ensure the team receiving the patient has information about the patient’s history in the ICU, and significant events. The team will review the patient's health history and course in the intensive care unit with the other health care team on the floor.

It is normal for patients and their families to feel some anxiety and fear about leaving critical care. We encourage patients and families to express their concerns to the bedside staff. The bedside nurse will arrange meetings with appropriate members of the team to address any questions or concerns.

Once a patient is on the regular floor, the patient will stay in hospital until discharged home or to another facility. Please see the Discharge Planning page for more information. The length of time a patient will remain on the floor is individualized, and the team on the floor will be happy to discuss this timeline with you.

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