MS Clinic

Services Available Through the MS Clinic Team

The Neurologist and/or the Advanced Practice Nurse:

will see you at each clinic appointment.

  • A neurological examination will be completed
  • A history will be taken
  • Any questions or concerns that you have about your condition will be addressed at this appointment
  • It will help for you to write down your questions to bring to your appointment

The Clinic Coordinator/Social Worker:

is available to discuss:

  • the current programs available to you through the clinic
  • suggestions that you may have about how clinic services could be developed or changed to better meet your needs
  • the emotional impact of this diagnosis for both patients and families
  • living with chronic disease
  • financial, career and employment issues

The Physiotherapist:

is available to assess your:

  • movement
  • strength
  • stiffness
  • pain
  • fatigue
  • balance
  • walking

The physiotherapist may:

  • prescribe exercises
  • use hands on techniques
  • use modalities such as heat or ultrasound
  • recommend bracing or walking aids

The Occupational Therapist:

is available to discuss issues you may have with managing in everyday life. The occupational therapist gives information about:

  • managing fatigue
  • performing daily life tasks
  • prescription of assistive devices
  • home accessibility
  • vocational issues

The Clinical Nutritionist:

can discuss any nutritional issues you have. Teaching is available on healthy diet and also specific clinical diets for any medical condition you have.

The Clinical Research Coordinator:

organizes and manages clinical trials and research projects in the MS Clinic. The neurologist or advanced practice nurse may suggest that you participate in a specific drug trial. The research coordinator will give you the information about the drug and discuss your commitment as a participant in the trial (for example: monthly travel to the clinic). Once you begin a trial, the research coordinator will maintain regular contact with you until the trial is completed.