Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Scan

A MEG scan is a non-invasive diagnostic test that measures magnetic fields created by the brain’s electrical activity. It is used mainly to find out where epileptic seizures are coming from in the brain and it can look at where important brain function takes place (visual and auditory areas). To ensure that the results are accurate, an MRI also takes place to link the MEG results with the anatomical structures of the brain. A MEG scan can pin point the area a seizure is coming from to a specific area, usually a specific gyrus or sulcus. 

This scan is primarily used for children with epilepsy who are potential surgical candidates. These children will be referred by their Paediatric Epileptologist to have the MEG scan completed at SickKids in Toronto. 

Please see detailed information on MEG scans at the SickKids website.