Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (PEMU)

Pemu patient

Our Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (PEMU) at Children’s Hospital, LHSC assesses and monitors patients to help with the diagnosis of suspected epilepsy, pre-existing epilepsy and surgical pathway options.

The PEMU is where a child is admitted to the hospital to have a prolonged-Video EEG. This test helps us understand better the events and seizures that a child is having; it allows us to see what is happening with the video, record the brain waves on a computer, and to hear what is happening with the microphones.

This test takes place on our inpatient paediatric floor which has two dedicated beds for the paediatric EMU and all of the necessary tools and diagnostics as well as a dedicated team. The child is monitored by our trained team of nurses, EEG technicians, epileptologists, and support staff to ensure that the child is looked after and monitored in a safe environment.

Children are typically are admitted anywhere from 24 hours up to 1 week, allowing time to capture any concerning event and record any pertinent data. At times it is necessary to wean off medications in order to record seizures. Other indications for this test is to monitor the patient while switching medications, and to discriminate between seizure activity, medication side effects and/or other non epileptic events.

Preparing for your visit:

Please read the 1-page Flyer which provides important information.

To prepare your child, please view the PEMU presentation slides.

For Healthcare Providers: PEMU Referral Form