Our Clinics

The Paediatric Neurology Program, LHSC, diagnoses and manages approximately 300 new paediatric epilepsy cases per year. If you or your child is diagnosed with epilepsy, they may be seen by a paediatric neurologist, a nurse practitioner or a family doctor.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic (CEC)

Around 30 % of children diagnosed with epilepsy will become drug resistant. Drug resistant epilepsy is when a child will continue to have seizure activity despite trials of more than two well tolerated and well selected anti-seizure medications. These children range from newborns to adolescents, have diverse etiologies and require an increased level of care and support. The Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic (CEC) at Children's Hospital,LHSC receives referrals for children with drug resistant epilepsy from paediatricians, family doctors, nurse practitioners and paediatric neurologists.

Transition Clinics

If you or your child is between the ages of 16-18, our Transition Clinic – ‘Know Before You Go’ is available for you. Adolescence is a crucial time with many changes, including critical thinking, cognitive skills, and autonomy (individual choice), all of which make for a complicated jump to adult life. An adolescent person with epilepsy may face additional challenges. Transition Clinics were developed around the world for different chronic conditions, including epilepsy. Transition is a process that prepares you and your family for ‘adult’ health care and assists in navigating the adult health care world.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic (CEC) - Windsor