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Our Team

Name Title

Dr. Andrea Andrade, Neurologist and Epileptologist
Director of Paediatric Epilepsy Program and pediatric epilepsy fellowship training

Areas of interest: Drug-resistant epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, invasive monitoring (sub-durals and SEEG), and neuromodulation in epilepsy

Dr. Andrea Andrade


  • An Epileptologist is a neurologist who has specialized training and experience in the management of paediatric epilepsy
  • Our Epileptologists have clinical expertise in EEG interpretation, diagnosing epilepsy, and creating various treatment plans (including medications, ketogenic diet, and epilepsy surgery)
  • After an initial consultation with you and your child, an individual plan of care is established
  • Follow-up appointments are individualized to best meet your child's health needs

Dr. Maryam Nouri, Neurologist and Epileptologist

Areas of interest: Autoimmune/inflammatory epilepsies, drug-resistant epilepsy, non-lesional epilepsy, and epilepsy surgery

Dr. Maryam Nouri

Dr. Asuri Narayan Prasad, Neurologist and Epileptologist 

Areas of interest: Epilepsy associated with genetic and metabolic disorders, epileptic encephalopathies, co-morbid conditions and outcomes of epilepsy, and ketogenic diet

Dr. Narayan Prasad

Dr. Prasad consults on specific cases for our paediatric epilepsy program such as:

  • Epileptic encephalopathies
  • Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Tugce B. Balci, Medical Geneticist

Areas of interest: Rare disease research, gene discovery and disease modeling, part of Care4Rare Canada project, with a focus on neurological conditions, especially epilepsy.

Dr Balci

Medical Geneticist

  • A medical geneticist is a doctor who specializes in genetic/inherited conditions. They use and interpret genetic information for the diagnosis and management of rare genetic diseases in individuals and provides counseling to their families about prognosis, implications for other members, recurrence risks, family planning, etc.
  • Our medical geneticist is engaged with research involving gene discovery and novel ways to diagnose undiagnosed rare genetic diseases.
  • After an initial consultation with you and your child, we will decide together on the most ideal genetic test for your family. You will receive detailed information both before and after the test.
  • Follow-up appointments are individualized to best meet your child's health needs and complement your family’s genetic care.

Dr. Ana Suller Marti, Neurologist and Epileptologist

Areas of Interest: Drug-resistant epilepsy, invasive monitoring (SEEG and cortical stimulation), epilepsy surgery and outcomes, neuromodulation in epilepsy (VNS and DBS), SUDEP.

Ana Suller MArti

Adult Epileptologist

  • An Epileptologist is a neurologist who has specialized training and experience in the management of adult epilepsy
  • Our Adult Epileptologist has a combined clinic with the Paediatric Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic for transition for youth to adult care.
  • After an initial consultation with you and your child, an individual plan of care is established
  • Follow-up appointments are individualized to best meet your child's health needs

Dr. Sandrine deRibaupierre, Neurosurgeon

Area of interest: Paediatric epilepsy surgery

Dr. Sandrine DeRibaupierre


  • The neurosurgeon is a surgeon who has had special training in brain surgery
  • Our neurosurgeon has surgical expertise in paediatric epilepsy:  focal resections, disconnective procedures (hemispherotomy), subdural electrode placement, implantation of vagal nerve stimulators, and robot assisted Stereo-electro-encephalogram (SEEG)
  • After an initial consultation with you and your child, an individual plan of care is established
  • Follow-up appointments are individualized to best meet your child's health needs

Dr. Daniah Kurdi, Epilepsy Fellow

Epilepsy Fellow  Dr. Daniah Kurdi

Epilepsy Fellow

  • A fellow is a paediatric neurologist who is getting additional formal training in epilepsy.
  • Often the fellow is present during your child's clinic visit and/or hospital stay. As part of their learning objectives, they actively participate and contribute towards the care of your child.
  • They have clinical expertise in epilepsy, from diagnosing to medication management.

Dr. Fuad Almalki , Epilepsy Fellow

Dr. Fuad Almalki

Dr. Sabrina Freund, Clinical Neuropsychologist


Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • A clinical neuropsychologist has specialized training in understanding the relationship between the brain and behaviour.

  • Our neuropsychologist provides comprehensive assessment of your child’s thinking skills (e.g., intelligence, attention, learning, memory, language, visual-spatial skills, fine motor skills) and academic skills, as well as examination of their behaviour, emotions, and social skills.

  • Assessment may include interviews, questionnaires, observation, and testing. Testing with your child will involve paper-and-pencil tasks, answering questions, puzzles, and other activities.

  • The purpose of an assessment is to identify your child’s unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses, and to make recommendations for academic programming and planning. If your child is being considered for surgery, this assessment will be completed as part of their work-up to assist in decision making regarding candidacy.

  • Feedback is provided to patients and their families, as well as to other members of the Epilepsy Team. Consultation with schools may be provided as needed.

Michelle Gratton, Registered Nurse

Michelle Gratton

Registered Nurse

  • The registered nurse for our epilepsy team has additional expertise in paediatric epilepsy

  • Actively participates with your child’s epilepsy team by acting as a liaison between you and your child’s epilepsy team members

  • Coordinates tests, examinations and consultations to ensure they are carried out within the best possible time frame

  • Identifies the health needs of your child and provides information and education in regards to new diagnosis, seizure medication management, and the plan of care within the Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic

  • Partners with community agencies to assist in addressing your child’s relevant needs in the community

Chantal Douglas, Administrative Epilepsy Coordinator


Administrative Epilepsy Coordinator

  • The administrative coordinator books your child's PEMU appointment, once a referral has been received from your doctor
  • The coordinator books any further appointments or tests, as needed
  • Correspond on a regular basis, with multiple departments and health care providers, to streamline and advance your child’s care

Anastasiia Skovronska, Paediatric EEG Technologist

Anastasiia Skovronska

EEG Technologist

  • An electroencephalographic (EEG) technologist is a trained medical professional who uses specialized equipment to locate electrical brain abnormalities

  • They work under the supervision of doctors and neurologists

  • Assist in coordination of care by facilitating EEG tests around outpatient appointments and while patients are admitted in hospital

  • Provide testing for routine EEG’s, Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (PEMU) admissions, inpatient urgent EEG’s as well as highly specialized intra-operative and invasive EEG’s tests in and outside of the OR

Madeleine Blais, Paediatric EEG Technologist

Madeleine Blais

Vanessa So, Registered Dietitian

Vanessa So

Registered Dietitian

  • Registered dietitians are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice and counselling about diet, food and nutrition

  • They use the best available evidence coupled with good judgment about the patient’s unique values and circumstances to determine guidance and recommendations

  • Within the epilepsy team, the registered dietitian manages and follows patients who are on the ketogenic diet

Erika Clements, Child Life Specialist

Erika Clements

Child Life Specialist

  • Help children and their families understand their reactions and concerns to the hospital experience by providing accurate and honest information

  • Suggest coping techniques for procedures such as distraction, deep breathing and relaxation techniques

  • May be present during medical procedures and provide information about medical events

  • Provide opportunities to play

  • In many occasions, children with epilepsy have intellectual and behavioural disabilities. The child life specialist provides support and coping strategies to this particular population

Carrie Charters, Social Worker

Carrie Charters

Social Worker

  • The social worker is available to patients and families to provide supportive counselling in hospital and over the phone

  • Families may benefit from discussing emotional, financial, family and other related concerns with a social worker as you try and understand, adjust and cope with an epilepsy diagnosis and treatment

  • In addition, the social worker can assist with information about community resources and/or financial programs that are available

Holly O’Neill, Epilepsy Educator

Holly O’Neill

Epilepsy Educator, Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario

  • Attends the Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic to assist and support families and children who have drug resistant epilepsy

  • Provides education to families and their children who are diagnosed with epilepsy in a community setting

  • Provides education and training to you or your child’s school and teachers

  • Provides a multitude of programs and services, camps, and awareness days to enhance the lives of people affected by epilepsy

Rochelle Sorzano, Paediatric Epilepsy Research Coordinator

Rochelle Sorzano

Paediatric Epilepsy Research Coordinator

  • The research coordinator is responsible for the administration and oversight of paediatric epilepsy research studies
  • Actively coordinates  multiple research projects for Investigators (Dr. Andrade, Dr. Nouri and Dr. Prasad) at Children’s Hospital
  • Submits protocols to research ethics boards, recruits participants, and collects data for studies and clinical trails
  • Corresponds with families participating in research, informing them of study objectives, next steps and engaging families throughout the research process

Denait Haile, Paediatric Epilepsy Research Coordinator

Denait Haile

Nicole Dendekker, RN, Transition Navigator 

Nicole Dendekker

Transition Navigator 

  • A Transition Specialist assists youth and their family with preparing a Transition Plan that incorporates funding supports and community based programs before entering the adult health care system
  • Transition planning provides youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain health promoting behaviors and practice self- directed care as they approach the age of transfer

Kalene Van Engelen, Genetic Counsellor

Kalene Van Engelen

Genetic Counsellor

  • A genetic counsellor is a health care professional who helps families understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to epilepsy
  • Genetic counsellors:
    • Gather information about your medical and family history to assess and understand potential genetic risk factors in your family
    • Describe the process of, and consent for genetic testing if applicable
    • Educate families about genetics diagnoses, including management and inheritance

Bonnie Wooten, RN, BA, MPA, Decision Coach


Shared Decision Making Coach

  • Is available to help families in their decision making process for topics such as: medications, procedures, tests, and surgeries.
  • Offers a supportive, neutral and non-directive process
  • Provides coaching face-to-face, on an individual or group basis, by telephone, email, online or through telehealth