How does it work?

  1. The problem is defined by the patient and health care provider.
  2. Decision options are presented by health care professional to the patient.
  3. The benefits, risks and harms are discussed.
  4. The patient books an appointment with a Decision Coach. (link to Decision Coach section)
  5. Together, you review the options, risks, harms, side effects and the relative value of those effects.
  6. The ability of the patient to follow through with the plan is discussed.
  7. The patient decides on a course of action or chooses to defer.
  8. The patient follows up with the health care team to discuss the preferred course of action.

Decision Examples:

  • Medication options
  • Surgical options
  • Aggressive treatments
  • Screening and diagnostic testing
  • Clinical trial participation
  • Medical devices
  • Developmental transitions
  • Respiratory interventions
  • Intensity of care
  • Plan of Care
SDM physician and patient

Book an appointment with a Decision Coach