Positive concepts as a result of consults:

  • Making time to actually focus on the decision

  • Despite living together we never actually stopped to listen to each other
  • Parent/child differences has helped both to be heard
  • Language differences
  • Getting second opinions and navigating two surgeons giving advice scoliosis surgery e.g.
  • Sometimes just the perception of having support is enough to be able to move forward

Family Testimonials:

"This  process  was so good, I really like it.  When the doctor recommended surgery for my son, I really did not know what it meant.  After having received information (decision aids) about the surgery, with the pictures describing the surgery its benefits, and risks I have a much better understanding of what  this type of surgery means for  my son".

"The decision coach was so helpful in clarifying our options and in creating a plan for our appointment with the neurologist.  I also appreciated the fact that she was completely unbiased, to both my opinions/options and the doctors.  She was completely neutral and so didn't pressure us one way or the other."

"We found it helpful to have some devoted time away from home to have a formalized discussion about our goals , concerns etc with someone who could understand the weight of our decision and why we were struggling so much with it.  There was a quick turn around time to have a meeting with the Decision Coach so we were happy to know that our needs could be accommodated quickly."

"Thank you for allowing me to participate in this program".