London Family Court Clinic

The London Family Court Clinic (LFCC) and Children’s Hospital, LHSC Pediatric Shared Decision-Making Coaching Service have partnered to support separated families with COVID-related parenting decisions This special COVID -19 program is being supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Community Foundations of Canada.


This program proposal links LHSC and the LFFC in helping separated parents to manage parenting time between two homes during the COVID 19 Crisis. The program brings together the expertise of psychologists working with the courts and medical professionals supporting shared decision making on children's health care needs. This intervention will offer guidance and problem-solving strategies for parents in conflict. in an efficient and time-limited basis during the pandemic.

London Family Court Clinic

For over 45 years the London Family Court Clinic (LFCC) has served children and families involved in the justice system. As a registered charitable organization, funded partially by the Ontario government and overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors, LFCC’s mission is integrating specialized clinical practice, education and research that promotes resiliency in children and families to move beyond the justice system. LFCC first opened their doors in 1974 with two staff members offering a single service. Today, we offer services in 13 different areas and serve multiple coordination roles.

London Family Court Clinic collaborates with many community partners including social service agencies, hospitals and other health organizations, children’s mental health centres and youth residential and custodial facilities. The leadership team at LFCC oversees the implementation of the organization’s strategic priorities including the building of relationships with stakeholders, business development initiatives, managing financial resources and delivering on the priorities set by the Board of Directors.

The work of LFCC focuses on helping children and families to be resilient in overcoming their challenges, to gain strength to move towards a brighter future. Resilience allows all people to achieve, to overcome barriers, to “bounce back”, and to be the best that they can be.

LFCC works to help children and families connected to the justice system move through their experience to realize a better outcome once beyond that system. LFCC also helps children and families at risk of being connected to the justice system. More information can be found at


Dr. Dan Ashbourne, PhD., C. Psych., Acc.FM, LFCC Executive Director
Dr. Peter Jaffe, PhD, C. Psych, Western University, London, ON & LFCC External Consultant
Dr. Craig Campbell MD MSc FRCPC Head, Section of Pediatric Neurology. Interim Chair, , Department of Pediatrics Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre Associate Professor, Western University. Lead physician for SDM
Dr. Kimberly Harris, Ph.D., C. Psych. Assistant Executive Director, Director of Assessment Service
Bonnie Wooten, RN, BA, MPA, Project Lead, Decision Coach, Pediatrics Children’s Hospital LHSC