About the LHSC Green Team

LHSC Green Team Logo with a leaf

The LHSC Green Team is a group of professionals from different backgrounds from across LHSC who voluntarily work to make LHSC practices more environmentally friendly.

We aim to address environmental concerns through sustainability initiatives focused on responsible energy and water consumption, proper waste disposal, and sustainable transportation.

Our team provides resources and educational programs to staff and patients as we look to strengthen a culture of sustainability within the hospital and inspire others to take action in their lives and communities.

The LHSC Green Team website will allow you to expand your knowledge on various environmental issues. It will serve as a showcase for the green projects that each department across the organization has been carrying out to benefit sustainability at LHSC. This space will inform you of upcoming hospital and community sustainability events.

If you're interested in making a real impact in the hospital and creating a more sustainable future for all, don't hesitate to contact us at LHSCGreenTeam@lhsc.on.ca

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