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Statement on the Marieval Mass Graves

June 28, 2021

As National Indigenous History Month draws to a close we have been reminded once more of a particularly sorrowful part of that history, that of residential schools. The discovery of more than 700 unmarked graves of Indigenous children in Saskatchewan has brought home the injustice and horror of this chapter of our history, which continues to shape our present day.

As health care providers, we know that any healing journey is difficult and the path often long. The journey that all of us must take will be no less so. As a collective of almost 15,000 people, London Health Sciences Centre commits to doing our part to support the path to genuine and lasting reconciliation in the full expectation that healing will happen.

We will keep the Indigenous individuals, communities and Nations we serve in our thoughts, now and as we move forward. We will listen carefully and respectfully. We will take positive action and follow through with our promises. And we will carry the hope of a better future together, knowing that action fuels hope.