Many of the medications used to support the kidneys are actually used to change the amount of blood the heart can send to them and the other organs.

Diuretics Diuretics work on the kidneys by increasing the amount of urine. This allows the body to get rid of extra fluid that can cause edema.
Inotropes, Vasopressors and Vasodilators

These drugs are mostly used to support the heart and ensure it has a strong beat that moves the blood at the rate the organs need to get enough oxygen and nutrient. In this way they support the kidneys indirectly by ensuring enough blood gets delivered.

Inotropes are used to increase the strength of the heart’s beat, pushing more blood out with every beat.

Vasopressors are used to narrow the arteries and increase the blood pressure.

Vasodilators are used to relax the arteries, slow the flow, and allow a greater volume of blood to pass.




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Sometimes mineral salts that are low can be replaced directly. Other electrolytes can be used to lower a level that is too high by competing with the excess mineral and pushing it into the cells or out into the urine. Electrolytes can also be given to correct the acidity of the blood.