Prevention and Therapies

Hygiene Patients are helped with bathing as needed. Bed linen is changed regularly. Keeping moisture away from the skin helps keep it healthy and intact.
Turning and Repositioning Staff turn and reposition patients every couple of hours if it is safe to do so.  This reduces the risk of developing pressure ulcers and help the person get comfortable. There will always be some area that is under pressure, but it can be rotated so the skin is not damaged.
Infection Control

Cleaning and dressing incisions, IVs, and central lines is essential to prevent infections. Staff also emphasize hand-washing and the use of gloves.

If a person has been infected with some kinds of bacteria, there may be extra precautions taken to protect staff and other patients from infection. This may include gowns that are worn once then washed, face masks, and eye protection. Please visit Infection Control for more information:

Nutrition and hydration Adequate nutrition is essential to keep the skin healthy and intact. If a person is dehydrated or malnourished, it is easier for the skin to break down.
Pressure relief beds If it is difficult or impossible for a person to be safely repositioned to relieve skin pressure, they will be given a pressure relief bed. These specialized hospital beds change the amount of pressure under the person at regular times so all parts of their skin get some relief.


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