What are rounds?

Rounds allow the whole health care team to discuss and develop a plan of care for the day. There are two rounds every day. The morning round starts at 8:30 a.m. and is longer and more detailed than the afternoon round.

Morning rounds last anywhere between one and three hours. The team meets in the conference room, and each patient’s situation is discussed one at a time. The nurse responsible for each person arrives to give a detailed update, and everyone works together to decide how to care for your loved one. This is one reason why we ask families to wait until after noon to visit. The health care team is more likely to have a detailed update available about your loved one’s condition after morning rounds.

Afternoon rounds begin around 3:30 pm and are held at the bedside. There are fewer staff involved, and they use this time to decide whether to change what they are doing or leave the care plan as it is.

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