President’s Award for Innovation

London Health Sciences Centre is looking to recognize staff, physicians, volunteers and teams whose demonstrated innovation capabilities have made a significant difference to the effectiveness of the organization.

The Selection Committee will assess the nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Does the innovation address and advance one or more of the four innovation business objectives of LHSC:
    • Culture, values, practice and corporate identity
    • Community and connectedness
    • Learning and communication
    • Structures and technology
  • Does the innovation offer meaningful relative advantage over current practice: the degree to which the innovation improves current process and/or practice.
  • Is the innovation compatible with LHSC's corporate culture: the degree to which the innovation is consistent with the needs, values and cultural norms of LHSC.
  • Is the innovation easily understood: the degree to which the innovation can be understood and used by adopters.
  • Is the innovation amenable to trial: the degree to which the innovation can be (or has been) tried before full implementation.
  • Is the impact of the innovation observable: the degree to which measurable positive results can be (or are) experienced by adopters.
  • Does the nominee demonstrate the characteristics of an innovator:
    • Creativity and pragmatism - the ability to think creatively with a pragmatic and process focus.
    • Tolerance of failure - accepting of risk and willingness to learn from failure.
    • Passion for innovation and sharing - the energy to realize an innovation and the willingness to share it with others.
    • Utilizes existing best practices - integrates existing best practices to advance an innovation and acknowledges the source.
    • Knows when to stop - the courage to stop development of an innovation when indicated.
    • Team builder and leader.

All staff, physicians and volunteers of LHSC, Lawson Health Research Institute (on LHSC payroll), London Health Sciences Foundation and Children's Health Foundation with at least one year of continuous service are eligible for this award.

Nomination materials: