Tips and Hints

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the President’s Award Program will be temporarily paused for 2020. As part of the rolling nomination period, nomination packages can be submitted at any time, but will be held for review until the program resumes in 2021.

Optional Peer Review of submission

  • Once you have completed your nomination using all of the resources available (see below Do and Don'ts, sample letters, etc.), consider an optional peer review to help ensure a high-quality submission.
  • A peer reviewer will review your nomination package before the deadline to help ensure high quality submissions that map well to the award criteria.
  • Packages need to be submitted complete in order to be reviewed –full written letters. No bullet points, jotted notes, or otherwise incomplete packages will be reviewed.
  • Reviews will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis. Please e-mail the nomination package to (noting “Peer Review” in the subject line) to request a review.
  • As the nominator, you will still need to finalize and submit the nomination package before the deadline date.
  • Ensure letters of support address the award's specific criteria
  • Ensure that each letter is different and unique to ensure the selection committee receives a full picture of the nominee.
  • Prepare separate paragraphs for each criteria and indicate examples of the nominee’s performance as it relates to that specific criteria. Try using the template letters that have fillable fields for each award's specific criteria.
  • Ensure that those who write letters of support are familiar with the nominee’s work on a daily basis. The strongest nominations include letters from a variety of roles.
    • Solicit letters of support from a variety of people (i.e. leaders, colleagues, peers from departments that interact with the nominee, etc.)
  • Use specific examples that demonstrate a nominee’s application of award criteria.
  • Solicit letters of support from patients as they will not be accepted. (Thank-you letters previously sent by a patient can be included as additional supporting material.)
  • Simply state how much you enjoy working with the nominee. Explain why, using examples where appropriate
  • Submit more than 10 pages in your package. Try to keep each letter of support to 2 to 3 pages at most.

Sample letters of support

These sample letters of support (PDFs) for each award should help guide your writing. MS Word templates for each award are also available to help guide your writing. Whenever possible, explain why or how a nominee demonstrates the required criteria. Show, don't just tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: Who can/should provide a letter of support?

Letters of support should come from individuals who are familiar with the nominee’s work on a daily basis. The strongest nominations tend to include letters of support from a variety of individuals in different roles.

Question 2: Can you be nominated for more than one award?

Yes, a nominee can submit an application for more than one award category. Please ensure that the letters of support map to each award's criteria.

Question 3: Can past recipients/nominees be re-nominated?

Yes. Previous nominees are strongly encouraged to re-apply, but past recipients cannot be re-nominated unless it is for a different award category.