When you return home after surgery, you are to sponge bath until two days after the staples from your incision have been removed, or as directed by your surgeon.

For patients with access to a walk-in shower, you may want to consider using an adjustable height shower chair or stool to sit on while washing. You may also find using a long handled bath sponge easier to reach your feet without bending too much at your hip.

For those patients with tub showers, getting in and out may be challenging. In these situations, it is recommended that patients look into the rental or purchase of a bath transfer bench. NEVER use towel bars or soap dishes for assistance as they are not designed to support your weight.  Using non-slip strips or a non-skid rubber mat in the bathtub or shower can help prevent you from slipping. 

Getting into the tub using a bath transfer bench

  • Back up until you feel the bench against the back of your good leg
    getting into the bath
  • Slide you operated leg forward
  • With one hand on the walker, reach back for the bench
    getting into the bath
  • Slowly lower yourself down, keeping your operated leg out in front of you
    getting into the bath
  • Place your strap around you operated leg and bring your operated leg into the tub
    getting into the bath
  • Follow with your good leg
    getting into the tub