Discharge Home

Physiotherapy after your surgery is very important for you to participate in once you return home. It is your responsibility to ensure that BEFORE surgery, arrangements have been made and transportation organized for you to have physiotherapy, at a clinic of your choice, within two weeks of surgery.

Many patients from London will attend the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy ambulatory clinic located in the basement at University Hospital. Once you return home from surgery, a secretary from the Physiotherapy Department will call to set up an appointment.  There is no cost to patients attending physiotherapy at University Hospital.

If you choose not to attend physiotherapy at University Hospital once you’ve returned home, you:

  • Will be given an outpatient Physiotherapy referral
  • Start physiotherapy at clinic of your choice
  • Continue with the exercises outlined by your physiotherapist in the hospital until your first physiotherapy appointment

A list of publicly funded and private pay physiotherapy clinics within the SWLHIN can be found at

Once you attend physiotherapy in the community, your therapist will progress you with other exercises that will continue to improve your strength and movement of your leg. The frequency of visits to physiotherapy in the community depends on the progress you are making and your ability to exercise on your own. This is something you should discuss with your physiotherapist on your first visit to the clinic.


Discharge to Respite and Convalescent Stay

Many of the facilities that offer respite and convalescent beds in London and Middlesex County have physiotherapy services that will assist you in your recovery.  If services are not available, a referral to CCAC will be made on your behalf to have a physiotherapist see you at the respite and convalescent facility. Patients are typically seen 1-2x/week over the duration of their stay.  It is expected that patients continue with prescribed exercises on their own when not being seen by the physiotherapist.