Riding in the Car

Riding in the Car

You should not drive a car for six weeks after your operation. Your surgeon will advise you further at your six-week follow-up appointment.

When riding in the car, it is highly recommended that you sit in the front passenger seat.  To get into the car:

  • Make sure the seat is pushed back as far as possible and recline the back of the seat to provide maximum leg room and help prevent you from bending too much at your hip.
  • You may find it easier to transfer into the car if there is a “slippery” material over the seat or cushion i.e. Garbage bag.
  • If the car seat is low, use a firm cushion to raise the height.
  • Stand with your back to the car so you can feel the seat touching your legs.
  • Lower yourself slowly, keeping the operated leg forward.
  • Slide well back in the seat.
  • Swing one leg in at a time into the car.

To get out of the car, use the same steps in the opposite order.

When getting in and out of a taller vehicle like an SUV or truck, you may find it easier to enter the vehicle from a squared curbside or using a stool to step on to first. 

For further assistance in riding in the car, watch this instructional video on YouTube.