Hip Precautions

For at least six weeks following your operation you will have to be careful not to bend or twist your new hip too much. The following rules will help to keep your hip in place while you are healing. Your surgeon will tell you when you can increase your hip movement.

Basic Rules for Protecting Your Hip

Rule 1:

DO NOT bend your hip more than 90°. For example, when sitting, your knee should not be raised above the level of your hip and you should not bend forward at the waist. Do not crouch or squat.

do not bend

Rule 2:

DO NOT cross your legs at the ankles or knees.

do not cross legs

Rule 3:

DO NOT let your operated leg turn inward or outward too far. Try to keep your toes pointing forward, not to the side. Do not twist your body when you are standing.

do not cross legs
keep legs straight

Please consult with your occupational or physiotherapist if you have any questions regarding the movement restrictions.