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Weight Bearing Definitions:

  • Non-Weight Bearing (NWB): No weight allowed.
  • Feather Weight Bearing (FeWB or TTWB): Minimal weight allowed (i.e. not enough to crush an eggshell under their foot).
  • 50% Weight Bearing (50%WB): Up to half of patient’s body weight is allowed. Two crutches or a standard walker are necessary at all times.
  • Protected Weight Bearing (PTWB or PWB): Weight bearing as tolerated but gait aids are mandatory at all times until further follow-up with the surgeon.
  • Weight Bearing as Tolerated (WBAT): Patient is allowed as much weight as they feel comfortable with. Gait aid use is at the discretion of the treating physiotherapist.

Hip Arthroplasty:

Knee Arthroplasty:

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