David Rodenhiser


Davide Rodenhiser


Principal Investigator: London Regional Cancer Program, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario
Scientist: Children's Health Research Institute
Associate Professor: Department of Paediatrics, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
Cross Appointments: Department of Oncology, Department of Biochemistry

University Website: http://publish.uwo.ca/~drodenhi/



Mailing Address

London Regional Cancer Program
Room A4-134, Victoria Research Laboratories
790 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 4L6

Tel: 519.685.8600
ext. 52198
Fax: 519.685.8616
Email: drodenhi@uwo.ca

Research Area

Epigenetics and the environment: effects in cancer and development


Key Words

epigenetics, environment, metastasis


Summary of Current Work

My research focuses on the epigenetic regulation of gene expression during tumourigenesis and development. Errors in DNA methylation patterns and histone modifications can alter gene expression, cause aberrant developmental programs and lead to inappropriate gene expression.

Ongoing research in my lab involves (a) methylation profiling in a variety of cancer-related genes, (b) defining the functional consequences of DNA methylation changes in breast tumourigenesis in general and metastasis in particular, (c) determining how environmental carcinogens alter epigenetic patterns and contribute to tumour formation and (d) defining how environmental pollutants alter epigenetic patterns and compromise embryonic development.


Details on my research projects can be found on my lab website:

1.  Environment, DNA methylation and breast cancer.

2.  Models of Metastasis.  

3.  Aberrant DNA methylation in sporadic breast tumours.

4.  E3:  Epigenetics, environment and embryogenesis.


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