Accommodation for out-of-town patients

The Residence Inn




Q:  I’ve been given my start date for treatment and need accommodation.  Where will I be staying?

A:  The Cancer Program has made arrangements with Residence Inn in downtown London to provide accommodations for its patients who require this service.  The Residence Inn is located at 383 Colborne Street, London, Ontario.  Their phone number is 519-433-7222

Q:  How will the staff at Residence Inn know who I am?

A:  As part of the accommodation process, the Cancer Program registers you at the Residence Inn.  Upon arriving at the Residence Inn, simply speak with the staff at the front desk and let them know your name, and that you are a patient at the Cancer Program. 

Q:   How much does this cost?  Will I have to pay anything?

A:   Arrangements have been made between the Cancer Program and the Residence Inn to assist with expenses associated with all services. Your portion of this fee is $33.00 per night for one shared suite (two patients to a suite) staying Monday to Thursday.  If you require accommodations over the weekend (Friday through Sunday night) the cost is the responsibility of the patient.

Q:   How will I get back and forth between the Cancer Program and Residence Inn?

A:   There is a shuttle service to provide transportation between the Cancer Program (Level 1) and the Residence Inn. A Shuttle Schedule is available at the front desk of the Residence Inn as well as from your healthcare team.

Q:   What are the Suites at the Residence Inn like? 

A:    Each Suite at the Residence Inn has a sitting area, kitchen, washroom and two bedrooms with queen size beds.  Washrooms  an be fitted with assistive devices if needed. The sitting room and bedrooms are equipped with televisions.  

Q:   Are there additional services and amenities available at the Residence Inn?

A:   Yes, the Residence Inn offers free WiFi, Fitness Centre, access to the YMCA and Wellspring Cancer Support Centre, a choice of Daily Newspapers, Grocery Shopping Service, Daily Dry Cleaning Service, On-Site Coin Laundry, and a Market (24/7 Food and Beverage Pantry).

Q:   Will there be refreshments and food available at the Residence Inn?

A:   Meals are included with your nightly $33.00 fee.

Q:   What if I am not feeling well when I am staying at the Residence Inn?

A:   In the case of a medical emergency, you are advised to dial 9-1-1.  If it is not an emergency situation and you simply need to speak with a member of your healthcare team, you can contact them in the same way as you currently do.

Q:   Is there parking available at the Residence Inn?  If so, how much does it cost?

A:   Parking is included with your nightly $33.00 fee.